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Design and development of Monitoring incubator IOT

Design and development of Monitoring incubator using IOT

Price : 8000

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Course Duration
Approx 10

Course Price
₹ 8000

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The neonatal incubator is an apparatus that provides a closed and controlled environment for the sustenance of premature babies. But recently, many premature babies have lost their lives due to lack of proper monitoring of the incubator that leads to accidents (leakage of gas and overheating causing short circuits and eventually, the bursting of incubators). This project deals with the cost-effective design of an embedded device that monitors certain parameters such as pulse rate of the baby, temperature, humidity, essential amount of gas and light inside the incubator. The details are sent as a message to the doctor or nurse through IoT, so that proper actions can be taken in advance, to maintain the apt environment inside the incubator and ensure safety to the infant's life. So, the objective of this project is to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks and provide a safe and affordable mechanism for monitoring the incubator.

Design and development of Monitoring incubator using IOT



2. LDR

3. LCD Display

4. Heart beat

5. Gas sensor

6. Electro mechanical relay

7. Fan

8. Buzzer


1. Embedded C


2. Blynk

When the sensors are used such that they supplement the IoT in the necessary application, the technology becomes an illustration of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also comprises of technologies such as smart grids, virtual power plants, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities.  

Thus, IoT helps in sensing various objects, remote controlling of those objects and creates an ease in directly integrating the physical world into computer-based systems.  


This results not only in improved efficiency and accuracy but also in economic benefit and reduced human intervention. The ease of access to data is ensured by the use of the blynk platform which is a means of data analytics in IoT. Also, the sensors used in this project are affordable and can be easily obtained if replacement is necessary as a part of periodic maintenance

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