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Why should I do VLSI training?

All the Integrated Chips we use in mobiles, TVs, computers, satellites, and automobiles, etc. are designed with VLSI technology. Hence, there is a huge scope and growth in the VLSI Industry and it is full of job opportunities. Since there is a huge gap between what the college education offers and the industry expectation, it is recommended to go for the VLSI training which bridges that gap and gives you a great hands-on experience.

What is chip designing?

Steps involved in Chip design Chip’s architecture: Create circuit designs, Run simulations, Supervise layout, Tape out the chip to the foundry and evaluate the prototype once the chip comes back from the laboratory. Chip designers work to make faster, cheaper and more innovative chips that can automate parts or the entire function of electronic devices. A chip design engineer's job involves architecture, logic design, circuit design and physical design of the chip, testing, and verification of the final product.

We provide an best training for Engineering Students, you can enroll with the better price.

Works with hands on experience.

Development Unlock the true potential within you with our VLSI system course in Bangalore. In this course, you will learn various concepts and techniques of VLSI. We also have hands-on projects and case satudies for candidates to understand the VLSI training in Bangalore better.

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Duration : 60 Hours + 20 Hours(Training+Project).

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