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Robotics For school Students

Robotic Course helps to improve the problem-solving skills, increase creative thinking skills, social skills and also computer programming skills so on.

Build, Code and Play with Robots! This program is mainly design for kids.

In today’s technology-driven landscape, it has become imperative for kids to be industry-ready at an early age this is another way to create a more industry-ready workforce for our country. Also, with robotics becoming a crucial part of various industrial applications and for society’s progress, learning robotics at a young age can be extremely beneficial.

Teaching robotics to kids can augment their problem solving and critical thinking capabilities and equip them with the necessary programming skills that are most demanded in the current industry.

To keep the learning authentic, here is some context we can make for students:

·         In commercial agriculture, robots navigate farmland, harvest crops, and care for plants independently and in conditions difficult for humans.

·         In health care, artificial intelligence and augmented reality improve wayfinding for disabled persons using robotic exoskeletons.

·         In the automotive industry, robots with powerful mechanical arms assemble cars and perform precise installations.

·         In space exploration, remotely operated vehicles capture data and footage from space and on other planets.


Take these four calculated steps to help your students familiarize themselves with the technology in tandem with understanding key concepts and programming, regardless of your robot or platform.

1. Know the hardware. By exploring tutorials through play, students can learn how to identify and categorize the major components of their robots. Good categories to begin with include structure, motion, electronics, and other tools. Be sure to provide an explanation for each category.

2. Build the robot (when applicable). This is a great entry point for students new to robotics, and many younger kids will love this step.

3. Learn the functions of gears, motors, sensors, and other components. This step helps significantly to elucidate key concepts into practice and provides context for the use of the components associated with the robot you choose.

4. Learn how to program. Most devices will have built-in missions, which enable students to see how to make the robot move with motors and respond to touch or motion with sensors. As they become more accustomed to the built-in programs, they can start making their own programs using visual programming blocks

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Works with hands on expirence.

Devlopment Unlock the true potential within yourself with our Robtics for school students course in Bangalore. In this course, you will learn various concepts and techniques of robotics . We also have hands-on projects and case studies for candidates to understand the robotics training in Bangalore better.

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Duration : 60 Hours + 20 Hours(Training+Project).

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