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Approx 10

Course Price
₹ 8000

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Solar power is absolutely perfect for use with irrigation systems for gardens, grass such as golf course, field and especially for planting. Using 12 V Solar Panel, the sun energy will converted to electrical power and saves to 12 V batteries. When the sun is rising and shining, the solar panel will absorb the energy of the sun and the energy will keep in the battery. The battery will supply the power to the water pump. By using the timer, the irrigation system will turn on the pump at the same time every day. We also can use relay to supply the power of the pump or many other pump with our choice to ON/OFF the pump every day. The system will turn OFF when the electrical conductivity probes detect the suitable value of soil moisture.


}  This vehicle security system intimates the status of the vehicle to the authoritative person (owner) using Wifi or Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology.

}  If the person is certified, vehicle access is allowed. Else SMS will be sent to the owner and the engine will be immobilized.

}  The prototype model for the security system is built on the embedded platform using Arduino Microcontroller which controls all the processes and cost is also very stumpy.

}  On higher end theft attempts like cutting battery power supply, protection to the vehicle is provided by Engine Control Unit (ECU) embedded on microcontroller.

By using GPS technology, vehicle can be identified very easily. Thus, the system provides security at both levels, i.e. when battery supply is provided or not.


Proposed irrigation system mainly consists of two modules- Solar pumping module and automatic irrigation module. In solar pumping module a solar panel of required specification is mounted near the pump set. Then using a control circuit it is used to charge a battery. From the battery using a converter circuit it gives power to the water pump which is submerged inside the well. Then the water is pumped into an overhead tank for storing water temporarily before releasing the water into the field. In automatic irrigation module the water outlet valve of the tank is electronically controlled by a soil moisture sensing circuit. The sensor is placed in the field where the crop is being cultivated. The sensor converts the moisture content in the soil into equivalent voltage. This is given to a sensing circuit which has a reference voltage that can be adjusted by the farmer for setting different moisture levels for different crops. The amount of water needed for soil is proportional to the difference of these two voltages. A control signal was given to a stepper motor whose rotational angle is proportional to the difference in voltage. The stepper motor in turns controls the cross-sectional area of the valve to be opened controlling flow of water. Therefore the amount of water flowing is proportional to the moisture difference.



·        Microcontroller board- Arduino

·        DC Pump Motor

·        WiFi Module

·        Soil Moisture Sensor

·        Solar Panel

·        Charge Controller


·        Arduino IDE

·        Embedded C

·        Blynk


Security is fundamental criteria in all kind of applications. This project is aimed at improving the level of security for vehicles. As the fingerprint is a promising biometric pattern for identifying a person in terms of both security and ease of use. This is a unique method of conniving and assembling a low-cost, packed in theft control system for an automobile which is highly reliable. The work presented demonstrates the initial phase of an embedded car that will be visible in near future. Customized vehicles will not only provide a more interesting drive but also safer one.

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