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Power Generation Using Speed Breakers

Power Generation Using Speed Breakers

Price : 16000

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Approx 15

Course Price
₹ 16000

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Power Generation Using Speed Breakers


Using speed bump for power generation by using gear arrangement and electronics gadgets. Large amounts amount of electricity can be generated saving lot of money. And if implemented will be very beneficial for Government. When vehicle is in motion it produces various forms of energy like, due to friction between vehicle’s wheel and road i.e. rough surface HEAT Energy is produced, also when vehicle traveling at high speed strikes the wind. The principle involved is POTENTIAL ENERGY TO ELECTRICAL ENERGY CONVERSION.

There is a system to generate power by converting the potential energy generated by a vehicle going up on a speed breaker into kinetic energy. When the vehicle moves over the inclined plates, it gains height resulting in increase in potential energy, which is wasted in a conventional rumble strip. When the breaker comes down, they crank a lever fitted to a ratchet-wheel type mechanism (a angular motion converter) which in turn rotates a geared shaft loaded with recoil springs. The output of this shaft is coupled to a dynamo to convert kinetic energy into electricity. This is the short process for Electrical power generation through speed breaker.


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