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Solar Powered Unaided Guided Vehicle (Solar UGV)

Solar Powered Unaided Guided Vehicle (Solar UGV)

Price : 16000

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Course Duration
Approx 13

Course Price
₹ 16000

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Solar Powered Unaided Guided Vehicle (Solar UGV)


With the advancements of robotic technologies, the industrial environments are adopting more and more aspects of automation to enhance product quality and accuracy and to reduce product cost. One of these aspects is the use of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) which is gaining importance in industrial logistics and transportation systems. Solar electricity is the technology of converting sunlight directly in to electricity. It is based on photo-voltaic or solar modules, which are very reliable and do not require any fuel or servicing. Solar electric systems are suitable for plenty of sun and are ideal when there is no main electricity. The Solar energy is stored in a battery fixed to the vehicle. The vehicle is guided automatically by using power from the battery source. In the current project three sets of infrared sensors (IR sensors) are used to build fully Automated Guided Vehicle. The material loading is counted by the IR sensor (Up to 10 number) and vehicle starts running from the starting station. The vehicle is stopped by the end station by another IR sensor which is fixed to the end station. The loaded material is removed from the vehicle and this is counted by the sensor. After removing of 10 number of items, the vehicle automatically reverses back to its original position

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