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Fabrication of Solar race car

Fabrication of Solar race car

Price : 16000

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Course Duration
Approx 13

Course Price
₹ 16000

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Course Content

Fabrication of Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle


The primary goal of this venture was to structure and create the Electric Solar Vehicle which is intended for singleseated vehicle fuelled by 2 kW BLDC centre engine (motor). Electric sun oriented vehicle is fabricated to improve a safe and Eco-friendly transportation. In the current scenario, due to increase in population and usage of vehicles, the consumption of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel are keep on increasing. Due to this, the availability of fossil fuel will reduce in turn to increase in demand and cost and it will be exhausted in future. Because of this, it is necessary to find the alternate fuel to operate the vehicles. In the non renewable energy sources, Solar energy is one which is freely available. Daylight is viewed as a wellspring of vitality which can be utilized for many applications. Sun based vitality is being utilized to create power through daylight. The fundamental segment to fabricate a sunlight based vehicle with a sun based board solar panel and a battery to store the electrical vitality. The sun based cells gather a bit of the sun's vitality and store it into the batteries of the solar based vehicle. After the vitality is stored in the batteries, it is accessible for use and the engine and controller is made to drive the vehicle. There are two arrangements of batteries; one of which will get the electrical vitality from the solar board to drive the engine and another will be utilized as helper control source which will give expected capacity to other electrical gadgets being utilized in the vehicle. After that the engine controller changes the measure of vitality that streams to the engine to compare to the throttle. The engine utilizes that vitality to drive the wheels.

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