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Electric Two-Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery

Fabrication of Electric Two-Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery

Price : 15000

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Course Duration
Approx 13

Course Price
₹ 15000

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Course Content

Fabrication of Electric Two-Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery


India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of two-wheelers within the world. It stands next to China and Japan in terms of the number of two-wheeler vehicles produced and domestic sales. In this paper, the following work is carried out with respect to the fabrication of an electric two-wheeler. The chassis of an existing two-wheeler is selected (110cc bike). The engine is replaced by a batterymotor system. The various calculations like power, torque, specifications of battery and motor and range calculation are carried out. The wiring harness is prepared for the electric two-wheeler. The components like the electric motor having 60V are selected and the respective battery with the battery management system for the motor is conjoined. The motor controller, digital display, electric throttle, etc. are assembled to the motor system. The fabrication of the electric 2-wheeler is carried out by using the procured components and with the help of the calculations, the output of the vehicle is calculated. The testing of the vehicle is performed and compared with the internal combustion engine.

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