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PS based vehicle root tracking system

PS based vehicle root tracking system

Price : 15000

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Approx 10

Course Price
₹ 15000

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PS based vehicle root tracking system


Vehicle Tracking systems are very commonly used in fleet management and asset tracking applications. Today these systems can not only track the location of the vehicle but can also report the speed and even control it remotely. In general, tracking of vehicles is a process in which we track the vehicle location in form of Latitude and Longitude (GPS coordinates). GPS Coordinates are the value of a location. This system is very efficient for outdoor application purposes. This kind of Vehicle Tracking System Project is widely in tracking Cabs/Taxis, stolen vehicles, school/college buses, etc.In this project, we are going one step ahead with GPS building a GSM and GPS based vehicle tracking system using Arduino. This Vehicle Tracking System can also be used to  track a vehicle using GPS and GSM and can also be used as Accident Detection Alert System, Soldier Tracking System and many more, by just making few changes in hardware and software.

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