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Combined hydraulic and disk break

Combined hydraulic and disk break

Price : 16000

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Course Duration
Approx 13

Course Price
₹ 16000

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Combined hydraulic and disk break


The braking system is used to control the braking force. Brake systems are more complex systems found in motor vehicles and have more complex structures. The piston moves as soon as we hit the brakes on the hydraulic brake. When the pistons are turned off with the movement, the brake pads and discs stick together. The car slows down or stops. Brake pads are parts in the brake system that allow the vehicle to slow down by rubbing the discs when the pedal is pushed.  With the pads rubbing on the discs, the efficiency of the overheated discs is reduced after a while and the performance of the weakening occurs. The result of thermal effects becomes unusable after a while. The thermal effects of the discs are studied on four different discs. These are ventilated discs.

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