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Covid-19 Based Smart Helmet

Covid-19 Based Smart Helmet

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Approx 10

Course Price
₹ 10

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Road accidents are increasing day by day because the riders are not using the helmet and due to consumption of alcohol. In today’s world, huge numbers of people are dying on road accidents. By using smart helmet, the accidents can be detected. The main target of the project is designing a smart helmet for accident avoidance and alcohol detection. IOT has enabled us to connect our day to day devices in a network for a sole purpose to exchange data. Today a number of countries have made it mandatory to wear helmet while riding. In this project we describe a helmet which is made smart using latest IOT technologies. This helmet for the comfort of riders provide various functions such sending messages in case of emergency like accidents in Blynk, sending current location through GPS (latitude and longitude) and it also checks riders body temperature which most essential in this covid19 situation .In case the rider has consumed alcohol means our proposed system will turn of the vehicle (like DC motor will not turn on) and if the accident occurred means also the vehicle will not turn on. Here we are representing vehicle through DC motor. The whole proposed system will work only when the rider wear the helmet otherwise none of the functionalities will work and the vehicle also will not turn on if the rider is not wore the helmet. All these parameters will be sending to the Blynk server through wifi by the microcontroller and we can monitor them in the Blynk app in any android phone.


1.     NODMCU ESP8266 Microcontroller

2.     Pressure Sensor

3.     MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor

4.     Tilt Sensor  (ADXL335)

5.     GPS Receiver Module with antenna

6.     1 Channel Relay

7.     DC Motor (30 RPM)

8.     IR Thermal Sensor (MLX90614)

9.     7805 Voltage Regulator


      12V Rechargeable  Battery

 Smart Helmet

·         Provide the power supply to turn on the system.

·         Now none of the sensors will do the function because all our proposed system will work only when the person wear the helmet and same data we can see in the Blynk app that is configured with our system like helmet not weared.

·         Now we will wear the helmet and the pressure sensor will turn on the the controller will get to know that we weared the helmet.

·         Once helmet is weared the controller will turn on the vehicle ( Dc motor).

·        Now the system will check alcohol detection and if the rider is not consumed alcohol means it will display in the Blynk app like ok ride in the alcohol detection status else the controller will turn of the vehicle (Dc motor) and display drunken in the Blynk app.

·        Now the system will check accident detection using tilt sensor in and if the accident not occurred  means it will display in the Blynk app like normal in the accident detection status else the controller will turn of the vehicle (Dc motor) and display accident occurred in the Blynk app.

·        With the help of GPS the system will send latitude and longitude values to the blynk app which helps to know the vehicle location.

·        We can also check body temperature through contactless IR thermal sensor and the same data also displayed in the blynk app.

·        All the data is send to the blynk server by the NODMCU Microcontroller through its inbuilt wifi and the same data we can monitor in the blynk app in android phone that is configured with our system.

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