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Irrigation Monitoring

Irrigation Monitoring

Price : 6000

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Course Duration
Approx 8

Course Price
₹ 6000

Course Level

Course Content


This work intends to help farmers’ effective crop harvests by technology-aided irrigation. For that purpose, we propose an easily accessible IoT based monitoring, wireless controlled rover irrigation system. Through this IoT system data, farmers can irrigate their crops according to moisture and temperature values and see that every plant is getting sufficient water and sunlight. This wireless rover system uses a microcontroller unit as the master controller. Joysticks are used to control the rover using wireless interface. The sensor unit which is part of the rover system consists of moisture sensor and a temperature sensor, for detection of the moisture and temperature respectively in close proximity of plants. We are using Blynk Server. We are using a WiFi module for connecting it to the internet. We are also using the Blynk cloud platform for data transferring and storing and predictions.

Hardware Requirement


Ø  System                        :                       Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

Ø  Hard Disk                      :                    500 GB.

Ø  Ram                         :                           4 GB

Ø  Any desktop / Laptop system with above configuration or higher level

Ø  Arduino uno, ultrasonic sensor, moisture sensor, temperature sensor


Software Requirements


Ø  Operating system                    :           Windows XP / 7

Ø  Coding Language                   :           Python

Ø  IDE                                         :           Python IDE


Climate change can disrupt food availability, reduce access to food, and affect food quality. For example, projected increases in temperature, and changes in precipitation patterns, may result in reduced agricultural productivity. We are using IoT based monitoring, wireless controlled rover irrigation system. We are able to predict the temperature using machine learning technique. We are able to send alert messages of sudden increase in temperature and moisture values through telegram and text message to mobile phones. Our rover system is also able to navigate in the field without much difficulty. We implemented technologies like Blynk module along with Blynk cloud server.


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