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Water Monitoring System

Water Monitoring System

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Approx 10

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₹ 12000

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In order to ensure the safe supply of the drinking water the quality needs to be monitor in real time. In this paper we present a design and development of a low cost system for real time monitoring of the water quality in IOT(internet of things).the system consist of several sensors is used to measuring physical and chemical parameters of the water. The parameters such as temperature, PH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen of the water can be measured. The measured values from the sensors can be processed by the core controller. The raspberry PI B+ model can be used as a core controller. Finally, the sensor data can be viewed on internet using cloud computing.

Nowadays drinking water is the most precious and valuable for all the human beings, drinking water utilities faces new challenges in real-time operation. This challenge occurred because of limited water resources growing population, ageing infrastructure etc. Hence therefore there is a need of better methodologies for monitoring the water quality.

The online water monitoring technologies have made a significant progress for source water surveillance and water plant operation. The use of their technologies having high cost associated with installation and calibration of a large distributed array of monitoring sensors. The algorithm proposed on the new technology must be suitable for particular area and for large system is not suitable. By focusing on the above issues our paper design and develop a low cost system for real time monitoring of the water quality in IOT environment.



Here we get water quality conditions through various sensors like pH level; sensor, water level sensor, turbidity, and conductivity and ARM LPC2148. The information will be uploaded continuously through Microcontroller and WiFi.  We control and upload this data to cloud and users can access this data through Blynk application by installing into their phones. From this system a person from anywhere can monitor the information at anytime.



1.     ARM LPC2148

2.     Temperature sensor

3.     Ph level sensor

4.     Conductivity

5.     Water level sensor

6.     Turbidity

This project aim is to build IOT project for Smart Water Quality Monitoring System. Nowadays Internet of Things (IOT) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques are used in different area of research for monitoring, collecting and analysis data from remote locations. The development of a surface water monitoring network is a critical element in the assessment and protection of water quality. We developed a prototype of easy to install technology by which the different surface water (e.g. rivers, lakes) quality indicators can be measured. This paper presents a smart water quality monitoring system.


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